Where is it located?

The school is located in the lower level of my home, which is in the Bryant neighborhood, about a mile northeast of the University Village shopping center. The house is very close to Assumption School and the Bryant Corner Cafe (the former Sunflour Cafe).

What is the age range of the children? How many children do you have at one time?

Children range from around two to four years old, though sometimes older siblings come on school holidays and / or in the summer. I am insured for up to 12 children at a time, and we are usually full every day. I have a few different assistant teachers, one of which joins us daily.

When is the best time to visit the school?

The best time to observe is from 9:20 a.m. - 9:50 a.m., when you will join us for the second half of free play, clean up, and 'morning cheers'.

How does sign-up work? Do you offer drop-off care?

Our current practice is for families to sign-up mid-month for the following month. They choose between a Monday / Wednesday, Tuesday / Thursday, or Friday slot (Friday is a one-day a week option, or an additional 3rd day).

We do occasionally have cancellations, so feel free to call or text me (206-817-3191) to inquire about last-minute availability.

What should my child bring to school?

We go outside every day, so dress your child for the weather. Rain or sun hats, jackets, boots, gloves, rain gear, or whatever is needed for your child to go outside and stay warm and comfortable would be appreciated.

Are there any animals at the house?

No, there are no animals living at the house.

What is the cancellation policy?

For information about cancellations and prepayment, please see our full policies.

What is the sick child policy?

For information about what to do if your child is sick, please see our sick child policies.